gas gaffe

August 4, 2011

From the Herald Sun, Melbourne’s low-brow, anti-progressive newspaper:

“Asked if he agreed with [Australian Leader of the Opposition] Mr Abbott’s comment that carbon dioxide was weightless, [Opposition frontbencher] Mr Turnbull replied: “Carbon dioxide does obviously have a weight and if you drop a large lump of dry ice on your foot you’ll find that out very quickly”.”
First comment:
get it right of melbourne Posted at 7:34 AM Today

Well well…..has Malcolm made the ultimate gaffe? Dry ice on your foot?? that is a solid. CO2 is a gas.

Cherry picking has its uses

July 13, 2011

“Ya know, perhaps it would be worthwhile taking a look at the presentations made to get funding for or sell stock in actual mining operations.

Do you suppose they would reveal similar misstatements, equally invisible to the mining industry people?”

Fading from view

May 30, 2011

“If you stare long and hard enough at a tiny piece of the puzzle that gives you the answer you want, you find the rest of the picture conveniently fades from view.”

Are you a genuine skeptic or a climate denier?